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Frequently Asked Questions

When are new data and reports released?

At what geographic levels are stats available?

How do I share a link or chart on my Facebook business page instead of my personal profile?

What areas are part of ARMLS?

How can I use the Region navigation to help my clients?

Why does Carefree not have a map associated with it?

What happens when a ZIP Code straddles multiple cities?

Do all ZIP Codes contain data every month?

Login and password information

Billing questions and information

Need additional help?   Contact ARMLS at information@armls.com or call 1-480-303-7020.


When are new data and reports released?

Monthly market activity reports are typically released on the 8th day of each month at 10:00am.  If the 2nd or the 8th occurs on a weekend or holiday, the reports will be published at 10:00am on the 9th.  Publishing on the 8th or 9th allows agents to update their sold listings within a few days after the end of the previous month.  It also allows data to be reviewed and cleansed to provide accurate results.


At what geographic levels are stats available?

Navigate the Valley’s vast geography at four levels through GEO Jump:  ARMLS (market wide), Region, City or ZIP code inside the Statistics tab.

While ARMLS, City and ZIP Code are self explanatory, the Region level is designed to accommodate Subscribers, who at times desire a regional analysis, where a market wide, City or ZIP Code analysis are either too broad or too narrow.

Each of the twelve Regions has its own unique set of ZIP codes: Central Phoenix, Central Valley, North Phoenix, North Valley, Northeast Valley, Northwest Valley, South Valley, South East Valley, Far Southeast Valley, Southwest Valley, West Valley, and Pinal Region.  Cities however can straddle Regions. For analysis where Regions are not appropriate, Subscribers can analyze the market by City or ZIP code.   Click on the Regions tab for more information.


How do I share a link or chart on my Facebook business page instead of my personal profile?

Unfortunately for those agents that prefer to post links to their Facebook 'fan' page, the 'Share on FB' button will post content to their personal page by default.  This is a function of how Facebook has elected to configure their fan and personal page permissions and is not under the control of 3rd party websites like rbintel.com.  That said, here are two suggestions:

(Note, these are relevant to those users that have been set up as "admins" on their company "fan" page)

Option 1:

1. Log in to Facebook with your personal Facebook account (or whichever account that has been configured as an admin for your 'fan' page.

2. Go to your 'fan' page (either by searching for it, or by clicking the link on the left-side menu).

3. Look under the "Admins" module on the menu on the right side of the page.  Click on the link that states "Use Facebook as {insert your company name here]"

4. As long as this session remains open (and you don't close your browser window), you are effectively using the web and FB as your 'page'. 

5. Open up the RBI website, navigate to the page you're interested in posting on your wall or go to the chart you've customized, and click the 'Share' button.  This should do the trick.

Option 2:

An alternative that we'd recommend - Don't go through the steps listed above, simply open up two tabs in your browser.  In one tab, go to the content you're interested in sharing.  In the second tab, go to your 'fan' profile page.  Copy the URL from the RBI tab, paste the link in the "What's on your mind?" bar of your page, and let Facebook do the rest.  If you are set up as an Admin for your page, the content you've added to Facebook will be rendered as though it was shared by your 'page', not by your personal Facebook account.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to use our 'Contact Us' form and we can walk you through the process. If you have any other paths to get this done, we're all ears - please pass them along.  Remember, the challenge inherent in the way Facebook 'pages' are configured is common when interacting with any 3rd party sites, it's not just your pals at RBI putting out the hoops for you to jump through!


What areas are part of ARMLS?

ARMLS includes the counties of Pinal and Maricopa.  The regions, cities and ZIP Codes within those county boundaries are provided.


How can I use the Region navigation to help my clients?

Click here to learn more about Navigation Highlights and Tips.


Why does Carefree not have a map associated with it?

Carefree is considered a P.O. Box by the USPS, not a postal city.  Due to this, there is no image available for mapping Carefree.


What happens when a ZIP Code straddles multiple cities?

The US Postal Service (USPS) database is used to determine each ZIP Code and its corresponding city name. When a ZIP Code straddles multiple cities, the USPS standard is followed and the default city name is used on the report. However, the data for the entire ZIP Code is in the report regardless of how many city names may be associated with the ZIP Code.


Do all ZIP Code reports contain data every month?

Due to the lack of market activity, a ZIP Code report may not display data for a given month.


Login and Password Information

Your login/username is your email address. It defaults to the email address in the MLS system when you signed up unless you changed it when entering billing information.

Your initial password is sent to you via email.  If you did not receive the email, check your spam folder to make sure it did not go there.  The email will be from RealEstate Business Intelligence (RBI).   To change your password after initial login, click on the My Account link in the upper-right hand corner of the screen.

Your password is case sensitive.  Please be careful when entering your password and use upper and lower case letters accordingly.

Your browser will give you the option of saving the password and login information on your computer as a cookie.  By accepting this option, you will not have to login each time you use the RBI site.

Can't remember your password?  On the login screen, there is a link for 'Forgot Password'.   Click on the link to send yourself password information via email. 


Billing Questions and Information

Billing charges will appear on your credit card as a charge from RealEstate Business Intelligence (RBI).  If you need to change your credit card or update the expiration date of your credit card, click on My Account in the upper-right hand corner of the screen and click on the link for Billing Information.  

If you have further questions about billing, please email support@showingtime.com.   Be sure to include your name and contact information when sending an email to us.



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