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Educate Your Buyers and Sellers

Client education, of both Buyers and Sellers, helps the parties to a transaction make realistic offers and counter-offers.

  • RBI gives you the tools to show your Buyer increasing and decreasing market activity in their area of interest. Sellers gain insight to how their property stacks up against similar properties in other areas.

  • Median and average sold pricing allows you to demonstrate how the local market has behaved over time, which informs both buying and listing decisions.

  • Average sold price to original list price ratios educate your Buyers to make reasonable offers and Sellers to make realistic counter-offers.  These metrics support the Buyer's intent to negotiate the best price possible as well as the Seller's intent to get the most for his property.


RBI Subscribers Say...

“I sit down in front of my clients with an iPad and I can show information for a specific zip code and compare geographies, helping them make smarter decisions.”

Brian Block
Managing Broker, RE/MAX Allegiance


“On the buying side comparing zip codes is huge. You want to know if one looks more favorable as far as recent history”

Scott Saghirian
Associate Broker, Keller Williams Select