RBI Products - Stats Made Simple

RBI was founded with a simple, yet powerful mission: Empower Real Estate Professionals with intuitive tools to enable better understanding of market conditions, and share these insights with clients.

Today’s consumer has access to websites offering real estate market charts and trends with dubious source data. Consumers often carry preconceptions about the market and where prices are heading. rbiINTEL arms the ARMLS Subscriber with market intelligence, via monthly Detailed Reports and Local Market Insights, to inform his clients listing and buying decisions.

rbiEXPERT allows the Subscriber to drill to a deeper level, comparing market performance of multiple geo levels for a variety of metrics, or using your smart phone's GPS signal to get data and see trends for the exact  ZIP you're standing in, using rbiMOBILE.

How can rbiEXPERT help me to do my job?

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Listing Agent / Broker

Are you listing in a ZIP that encompasses a wide range of home types, hindering your ability to derive statistics focused solely on the townhouse market for which you have a listing?

Need to compare trends for your client's ZIP code against a bordering ZIP code to differentiate the benefits of buying in your client's area?

Are you assisting an overly ambitious client in setting a reasonable asking price and looking for a tool that can chart out the SP to LP ratio and DOM trends in the price ranges being considered?

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Selling Agent / Broker

Would you like to access DOM, Pricing, Inventory and Sale-to-List Ratios for a particular area, in order to consult clients about the benefits of buying in one area versus another?

Want to consult a potential buyer on how the Condo market in your area has performed since the bubble compared with the Attached/Townhouse market?

Looking for visuals to include in a Buyer's presentation that demonstrate your grasp of market conditions in a given county, region, or ZIP?

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Social Media

Have an idea that the average DOM in your county is way shorter for townhomes than SFH, based solely on anecdotal insights, but lack the true data to prove this position in your Facebook Fan Page, Twitter or blog?

Looking for accurate charts to serve as a true representation of local market conditions? Want to dispel market misinterpretations stemming from press coverage focusing on national trends or non-Realtor sites relying on scraping or using non-MLS data sources?

Are you looking for a simple-to-use application that enables you to request a basic chart, post it, and have it auto-update as months go by?